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In 2030, TSMC's will switch all UPS systems in factories to lithium iron phosphate batteries

In 2030, TSMC's will switch all UPS systems in factories to lithium iron phosphate batteries


According to reports, China's TSMC,well-known semiconductor manufacturing company will switch all lead-acid batteries of its uninterruptible power systems in its factories to lithium iron phosphate batteries in 2030 to reduce electricity consumption.

The move is expected to save an additional 2.7 million kWh of electricity annually. TSMC is expanding the purchase of lithium iron phosphate battery-based uninterruptible power systems.

Importance of UPS:

The infrastructure systems of large data centers are mainly divided into power supply, environmental control and computer room monitoring and management systems. Since large data centers carry the core business of enterprises, groups, and institutions, they are of high importance and business interruption is not allowed. Therefore, large-scale data centers are generally constructed according to the Tier 4 standard of the TIA942 standard, and the reliability is required to be more than 99.99999%, so as to ensure that the data center works normally and the core business is not affected in the case of abnormal failure and normal maintenance.

Types of UPS batteries:

The types of UPS batteries can generally be divided into valve-regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, etc.

But more and more will change to use the lifepo4 battery due to its longer cycle life and premium performance in discharge than lead acid battery in the applications.

MeirtSun is China Top 10 battery factory which has been committed in battery production for more than 20 years, own core technology for the research&development&program of homemade smart BMS, 48 automatic production lines for cell production and quality control, average daily production 2MWh.Lithium technology is very mature, batteries export to more than 50 countries, provide clean energy to more than 100,000 families, help them reduce electrical bills and say goodbye to power outages.

 Why switch to lithium batteries:

Lithium iron phosphate battery refers to a lithium ion battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material. Lithium iron phosphate batteries have the advantages of high safety, long cycle life, rate discharge, high temperature resistance, etc., and are considered to be a new generation of lithium batteries.As one of the best choices for energy storage batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are favored by more and more different industries and enterprises, and they are added to one of the main directions of development.

The volume capacity density of lithium batteries is usually about 1.5 times that of lead-acid batteries, so under the same capacity, lithium batteries are about 30% smaller than lead-acid batteries.

The current energy density of lithium batteries is generally 200~260wh/g, and lead-acid is generally 50~70wh/g, so the weight energy density of lithium batteries is 3~5 times that of lead-acid, which means that under the same capacity, lead Acid batteries are 3 to 5 times that of lithium batteries, so lithium batteries have an absolute advantage in the lightweight of energy storage devices.

At present, the raw material price of lithium battery is more expensive than that of lead-acid, but combined with the service life analysis, the same cost is invested, the life cycle of lithium battery is still longer.

How to switch to lithium batteries:

You can call directly to MeritSun service,MeritSun with rich experience with both standard and customized lithium battery solution. With special engineering team for Pre-sale and after sales service. We concern customer using experience and satisfaction, and provide customers with one-stop service.

When replacing a lead-acid battery with lithium battery, the most important thing is that the parameters of the lithium batteries should match the parameters of the equipment. The matching mentioned here is not only the matching of current, voltage, etc., but also the ambient temperature of the equipment. , working hours, and matching of charging methods.

Suggested model:

This rack module is commonly used for backup and lead-acid replacement of large-scale energy storage systems such as commercial solar systems, government projects, and telecommunication backup systems, with below advantages:

ü Rack mounted modern installed (19 inch cabinet)

ü Patented homemade Smart BMS, RS232/485 communication for monitoring

ü Multifunctional Intelligent LED & LCD display

ü Easy installation, just plug and play

ü Support more than 40pcs in parallel connection for more energy storage

ü Super Long lifetime: 6000 cycles @80% DOD

ü Flexible to work well with any kind of off grid and hybrid inverter

ü Best solutions for commercial solar system, telecom back up, government projects, etc.


MeritSun has abundant experience in offering one-stop service for battery storage solutions, including analysis your application and its suitability, specifying the most suitable and economical plan, designing your system and installation.

Our footsteps are always progressing with the times. You are welcome to join us with the same vision and bring more high-quality solar batteries to the world.

By Vitamin Li

MeriTech Power Limited

MeriTech is a professional LiFePo4 battery manufacturer since 1999, focus on alternative smart energy storage application. We produce Cells, house made BMS,module and integrated system solutions. 23 years, we do only one thing, Energy Storage Battery.We proud of excellency : 100+R&D teams, 1368 employees, 48 fully automatic productions lines,150,000 square meters factory.

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